The topic of evolution and in particular, human evolution, can be very contentious.  Add creationism and religion to the mix and it can become vicious. Even those who agree that evolution is true there can be very heated disagreements.   Having said that please be polite, respectful, no name calling, ad hominen attacks, insults, no profanity, harassment, or obscenities.  Be polite, respectful, and professional (I would add logical and rational, but we are only human, so just try).

Also, no advertising, no pornography, self-promotion, fund raising or asking for donations, running contests, political campaigns and spam.  If all you can do is quote Bible verses, cite religious, preaching, proselytizing or arguing that Creationism (in whatever version) is true because the Bible says so. Don’t bother to post your comment. You are welcome to believe in Creationism if you want, just don’t try telling me there is scientific evidence to support it.

Don’t post personal information, trade secrets, and beware of copyright, trademark, and copyright infringement. I will remove off-topic comments, posts that are not relevant or those that do not provide substantive purpose. You are free to disagree with me or challenge my facts, but you are not free to attack me or others just for your fun or amusement.  You are welcome to add facts (please cite your sources of links). I am willing to disseminate factual information but I will remove or correct incorrect information.

Commenting is a privilege, not a right.  Remember, I am the moderator. You break the rules, I will delete you comment.  I also reserve the right to change the rules.