This blog is a series of essays on evolution for the members of the general public whose interest in learning about the world around them didn’t end when they graduated from school. Primarily the general public who are interested in evolution, particularly human evolution, but perhaps don’t have an adequate background in science to comprehend what is going on or separate the false claims from the true.  Or anyone who wants to increase their scientific literacy). Therefore, I will try to make the science of evolution and paleoanthropolgy more comprehensible and understandable by using trying to explain things in more common English without all the jargon that professionals use among themselves.  Well, I will try try to avoid as much as possible without “dumbing down” things.  Some jargon cannot be avoided (like species scientific names but I will have several blogs about names and the conventions surrounding them). I will have to be explaining terms and ideas that professional and amateur scientists know, some may find this unnecessary or even patronizing  , but we all need to be using the same words, ideas, and concepts the same way. Sometimes the blog may take on the tone of a lecture.  I will work to avoid this and keep them more to an interesting conversation.

Note about citations:  Properly, all mention of any fact, research, and citation should be noted and the source (author/s, journal or book title, page number, date of publication) cited.  This gives credit to those who did the work/experiment, or whose idea it is.  I would normally follow this procedure, I did so in my thesis and in other things that I have written for academic and professional audiences.  However, this blog is not aimed at such audiences. The general public who are the target audience do not normally have the sources of facts, etc, cited in what they read and may find it distracting and hard to follow the train of thought. I have read things where the author/s mentioned something and then cited the relevant sources (both pro and con) that took up most of the paragraph (it seemed to be two sentences and 15-20 sources).  Even I lost the thread of the discussion.

So, my apologies to the more academically inclined among my readers and to all those researchers whose work I have used for not giving them the credit they are due,but in the interest of readability and comprehension I will not be citing everything.  In some special cases I will provide the source.  If anyone wants to know where something came from ask and I will provide the source, or sources.